Guinness thank housing unsung heroes
of lockdown

20 May 2020

As part of #BigHousingThankYou day today, we'd like to thank all frontline housing workers across the country, for the fantastic work they’ve been doing to support residents and the wider community through the coronavirus pandemic.

Care - BHTYWith more people unable to leave their homes and unable to see people they usually rely on for help with basics like shopping, during the coronavirus pandemic, housing workers have taken on a wider support role in the community to help those in need.

Guinness Customer Liaison Officer, Rich Hall, is a great example of a frontline housing worker who has been going the extra mile to help Guinness residents, and people across the wider local community.

As well as working for Guinness, Rich is a first responder and a community council Hub volunteer. He has been helping residents with minor medical issues such as dressing open wounds and burns, buying food and hygiene items for people, buying and delivering shopping, and collecting prescriptions for people who would otherwise struggle to get much needed medication.

Rich said: “These are really challenging times and now, more than ever, Guinness residents and the wider community, need our support.  Everyone has been worried about the coronavirus, and this means some people are struggling without the support they need.  Housing workers have always played an important role in the local community and so we’ve been well placed to respond and help.

We’ve helped people who have literally no food left in their homes but are too scared to go shopping themselves because of health concerns.  We’ve called thousands and thousands of people to make sure they’re coping okay – and while lots of people don’t need these calls, for some people who are feeling isolated we’re the first real voice they’ve heard in days, so now we’re staying in touch.  We’ve helped people with phone bills and energy bills, and helped people who are suddenly out of work to access the benefits they are entitled too.

The support being provided by Guinness staff has been amazing.  I’m prouder than ever to work in housing and to work with all the exceptional people who are making a real difference to people’s lives.

Our staff will continue to deliver services and support to all residents throughout these difficult times.

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