Have you registered your
household appliances?

22 August 2017

A new scheme has been launched to encourage people to register their household appliances. The ‘Register My Appliance’ scheme allows you to receive free product safety repairs and you’ll be contacted by your manufacturer if any safety issues arise.

The interior of a tumble dryer.The campaign is supported by the London Fire Brigade, who has warned that people could be at risk from fires started by faulty appliances, and encourages everyone to check their equipment isn’t putting them in danger.

Why register?

Register my Appliance is part of AMDEA’s (Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances) safety initiative, designed to make it easier for people to register all of their domestic appliances. Doing so will mean that manufacturers are able to get in touch with customers if a product needs to be recalled for safety reasons or if a repair is needed.

The scheme is a free service that can be used for both new and old household appliances. It could actually save money, making you eligible for an extended warranty or guarantee period.

How do I register my appliances?

To register your household appliances and stay informed of important safety repairs and product recalls, you’ll need the following information:

  • Product brand name
  • Model of your product (this may be a name or number)
  • Serial number (this is usually between 10 and 16 digits long and appears on a plate on the appliance)
  • Purchase date (if you don’t remember exactly when you purchased your product, then you can just use an approximate day, month and year)

Further information

It’s quick and easy to register your appliances. Doing so will help to ensure your home is kept safe, meaning of course that you and your family are kept safe too. Visit the Register My Appliance website for more information, and remember to tell your family and friends to get registering too.

Guinness is encouraging all of its customers to use the Register My Appliance scheme to make sure they’re kept up to date about important information that can help them stay safe. If you have any concerns about the safety of any appliances in your home you should:

  1. Stop using it immediately
  2. Disconnect it from the mains
  3. Contact the manufacturer