Helping a young Hackney musician
reach the high notes

02 December 2019

Fourteen year old Hackney schoolgirl Irobosa recently became one of our Aspire Award winners, receiving funding to help boost her budding career as a cellist and violin player.

Irobosa Osagie_smlIrobosa picked up her first violin at primary school and has never looked back.  She worked hard in lessons, progressed quickly onto the cello and is now Grade 6 in both. But, as her talent developed, her music tuition became a financial challenge for her family with three other children as well.

Irobosa said: “I was so happy when I heard that I’d got an award. It will make a really big difference, especially as it means I can now buy a new instrument. I promise that I will work really hard at the lessons and hope to get better and better. My ambition is to be a professional musician or a music teacher.”

Catriona Simons, Chief Executive of Guinness, said: “Over the last five years we have given more than 270 Guinness residents Aspire Award grants, helping them to achieve their dreams or to help build better and brighter communities for everyone.

“The application process is really simple and we would encourage any Guinness resident to apply. We wish Irobosa every success and hope that she keeps us updated on the progress of her musical career.”

Our Aspire Award grants are offered to residents who can apply for help to pay towards education and training courses to build their talents, their careers, and give back to their communities.

For more information on the awards or to submit an application, take a look at our Aspire Awards pages.