A herb garden
in Rivermead Court

18 November 2015

Geoff Lawes lives at Rivermead Court in Emsworth, a sheltered housing block for residents aged over 55.

Rivermead herb gardenHe plays an important part in helping and supporting his neighbours, often assisting with trips to the local doctor or shops, and also organises barbeques and other seasonal events for everyone to enjoy.

A new lifestyle change

Recently Geoff read a book called Healing Foods, which talks about the effect of herbs and spices on health. It inspired him to start cooking using natural ingredients, as well as herbs and spices relevant to his own personal health.

Geoff then took it one step further, and decided to start his own herb garden and teach others about the benefits of cooking for good health. His new interest and his ever-growing herb garden has led to a number of Rivermead Court residents changing their lifestyle habits and cooking meals using fresh ingredients.

As a result of the changes that he has made to his own lifestyle, which include walking every day, he has managed to lose weight and feels fitter and healthier. Well done for making a difference, Geoff. What a great neighbour!