Karen gets 'life-changing'
training award

18 August 2015

Karen Facey is about to embark on a new stage in her career thanks to an Aspire Award.

Karen Facey, Aspire Award winner

These awards help our customers back into work or to move up the career ladder with new qualifications and skills.

Karen – one of this year’s 135 Aspire winners – is using her award to begin a development programme that aims to empower women. It helps them identify clear, practical and realistic steps that they can take to make a better world for themselves at work and at home.

Empowering a future generation of women

“The award will allow me to become a licensed trainer. I will then be able to help other women in their work and personal lives,” said Karen. “Aspire will really help me to move forward in my career and be a benefit to others – that’s my aim.”

The programme includes workshops and coaching in one-to-ones and large groups. Karen said:

“I’ve found unemployment can knock people’s confidence. I’m particularly interested in women’s issues, such as work and development. The door to this training would certainly have been shut to me without this Aspire Award. This is life-changing for me.”