Keeping warm this winter

20 December 2022

With the recent cold snap and even snow in some areas, it is more important than ever to make sure we do everything we can to keep warm at home.

We know things are tough at the moment and that money is tight, so being prepared for the cold weather could help with both energy and money saving.  

We’ve put together a Cost of Living Hub full of advice, help and support on ways to ease the pressure during these tough times. 

Energy Advice 

Our dedicated Energy Advice Officers can provide practical help on reducing fuel bills and accessing available funding. They can arrange a one-to-one appointment over the phone or in person to review your energy bills, heating system and property, to help find ways to save while keeping warm. 

So far, the team have helped residents to save money on their energy bills, sort out historic debt on their meters and make better and more efficient use of their heating systems. 

You can register your interest here in speaking to one of our Energy Advice Officers to see if they can provide you with some extra help. Their top tip for winter is to programme your hot water to come on only when you need it, which will help you save money and energy all year round. And did you know that by turning your thermostat down by one degree you can save money straight away? 

You could also speak to the Officers about receiving some radiator reflector panels, which can reduce heat loss in your home by 45%. 

Keep the heat in 

Quick and simple measures can help keep the heat in. Using thicker curtains and keeping them drawn will trap heat in a room, while adding thick carpets or rugs and keeping internal doors closed will keep you cosy. 

Block up those draughts 

Blocking draughts is a cheap and effective way to keep your home warm. Gaps in doors and windows let in cold air, so your thermostats are turned up higher and heating is kept on for longer. Draught proofing reduces your energy bills and stops chilly air making your home cold. 

Try draught excluders under doors and draught proof strips around door and window frames to block out the cold.  

It’s worth remembering to keep your home properly ventilated all year round, not just in winter, to avoid condensation. For example, always keeping trickle vents open on windows.  

Make the most of your radiators 

If your radiators are blocked by furniture, try rearranging the room layout for winter. Placing sofas and chairs next to a radiator may seem like a good way to stay warm but can actually prevent the heat from circulating through the room. Moving furniture away from radiators – even by a couple of inches – will help warm air move around the room. And try to avoid placing big pieces of furniture next to colder external walls to avoid any potential issues with damp and mould. 

Test your radiators and storage heaters 

We know the cost of living is putting lots of us off turning on our heating just yet, but it’s worth trying it now just in case there’s a problem – you can get it sorted out before you really need it. Turn your thermostat on and check each of your radiators/heaters to make sure they’re starting to warm up. If you think there’s an issue, get in touch to arrange a heating check. 

Find out more 

Don’t forget to take a look at our Cost of Living Hub for extra advice on energy, benefits and much more throughout the winter and beyond.