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14 October 2017

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We have answered questions those affected by the water outage at Loughborough Park have been asking members of our team, which we hope our customers will find useful. If you have any further questions please speak to a member of the onsite team.We will continue to answer your questions and provide additional detail here as more information is available.

[Updated: Tuesday 17 October]

What caused the problem?

An unexpected surge in water pressure within the underground pipes caused several joints within the system to fail. This meant water was unable to reach all areas of the estate and caused some localised flooding.

What are you doing about it?

By Wednesday afternoon we hope to have completed the installation of new parts and then be in a position to start a series of tests on the water supply. These tests are complex and will take several hours.

We aim to have completed all tests by Wednesday evening and we hope it will then be possible to begin restoring the water supply to all homes gradually.

When is the water supply going to be fixed?

We aim to have completed all necessary tests by Wednesday evening and we hope it will then be possible to begin restoring the water supply to all homes gradually.

We must stress that these are estimated timescales. We cannot be certain of when the water supply will be restored until we have successfully completed all testing.

Updates will be posted online and you will be notified via phone or text message.

You can also check the latest updates at www.guinnesspartnership.org/loughboroughpark

When will we receive our disruption payment? How will it be paid?

We will make a payment that is equivalent to the rent charged for the period that water was unavailable. To minimise your inconvenience we will be arranging a payment to you in the next few days. We will be in touch with you soon to let you know how this is going to be done.

Why aren’t there more people on site trying to fix the pipework?

We have ensured that everyone that needs to assist in fixing the problem and repairing the water supply to your homes will be available when needed.

What can I do until then?

You will now have been contacted to discuss whether you would prefer to stay in your home or move to a hotel temporarily until the water supply has been restored.

You can choose to move to a hotel whenever you like and your home will continue to be accessible. If you would like us to arrange hotel accommodation for you please call us on 0303 123 1890.

I said I wanted to stay at home but now I’ve changed my mind. Is it too late?

No. You can choose to move into hotel accommodation at any time until the water supply has been restored. Just call us on 0330 123 1890 to discuss your options.

If I choose to stay in a hotel while the repair work is completed, where will I be staying?

We want you to be as close to home as possible to minimise any further disruption, however rooms are subject to hotel availability. We will arrange for a taxi to take you to your hotel.

We will also reimburse you for reasonable travel costs between your home and your temporary accommodation, and when you return home once the water supply has been restored. Please keep receipts for any costs you would like us to reimburse you for. We will provide more information on how to make a claim soon.

Will you pay for our transport to the temporary accommodation?

Yes. We have people onsite that can arrange for a taxi to take you to your hotel accommodation. Just speak to any of the team and they will assist you.

What do I do about laundry?

We are providing a free laundry service for all customers.

You can collect an empty laundry bag and label from the estate office. Write your name on the label and attach it to the filled bag, which will be collected from you after 9am the following day (excluding Sundays). The laundry will be cleaned and delivered back to you before 11am the following day.

Please note this service won’t be available on Sunday, so laundry bags collected on Saturday or Sunday will be collected on Monday morning and returned by 11am on Tuesday.

What about showering?

We have provided showering facilities on the estate for you to use, which are located opposite Maud House. To ensure you don’t have to wait for a shower, please call 07904 477158 to arrange a 30 minute timeslot. Please note that children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Brixton Recreation Centre has confirmed that you are also able to use their shower facilities until the water supply has been restored.

The Recreation Centre is open Monday to Friday 6.30am – 10pm and 8am – 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.
You will need to take your own towel and toiletries. On arrival, tell the reception staff you are a Loughborough Park resident and they will admit you.

If you have any more questions, please do contact the Guinness Team at the Estate Office.


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