We're making it
easier to get in touch

15 February 2016

We’re making some changes to how we contact you and how you get in touch with the right team at Guinness.

Member of staff on the phone

From today, when you call us, you’ll hear a message about our opening times. We operate 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday, with an emergency repairs service outside these hours.

Getting through to the right team quicker

Whilst most calls will still be managed by our main customer contact team, there are occasions where specialist support is required, so you’ll hear a small number of options to direct you to the appropriate team as quickly as possible.

When you call during office hours, you’ll be given the following options:

  • If you need help with arrears, you’ll go straight through to our accounts team
  • If you want to apply for one of our properties, we’ll send you through to our applications team
  • If you’re a homeowner who wants help with buying, selling or purchasing additional shares of your home, you’ll be put in touch with our resales team.

Knowing who’s on the phone

It’s always good to know who’s calling you, particularly if you’re waiting to hear back about a repair or a home application.

In the past, our numbers weren’t always visible – appearing as a withheld number or without a caller id.

From today, you’ll see our numbers when we call you – so you’ll know we’re calling and also be able to phone us back more easily. We’ll also always try and leave a message, including our opening hours so you can call us back at a convenient time.

If you have any feedback on these changes please email feedback@guinness.org.uk