Measuring our performance:
Being transparent about how we're doing

11 July 2018

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Service Standards 2018 Q2


Today, for the first time, we are sharing some key results on the services that we know matter most to our customers.

How do we know they matter? Simply because we asked them!

Together, we have divided these key services into three themes: Your Home, Your Community, and Your Voice.

Every three months, we will update our progress on improving our performance on this page. We’re encouraging you to comment on how we’re doing, as well as give us ideas about how else we can really improve.

We’re measuring some things for the first time, so we don’t have results for the last 3 months yet. We’ll have a full set of results from September.

These key results give you more clarity about what you should hold us accountable for, so that together we can create an honest, transparent relationship.

Now we want you to tell us what you think.