National award kick starts a
new career for Hayle resident

15 January 2019

A resident from Hayle, who has always dreamed of being a lorry driver, has won a national award from The Guinness Partnership – a grant that has enabled him to take LGV driving lessons and tests. Bodhi Bear has now passed the tests, meaning that his dream of becoming a professional driver is becoming a reality.

Bodhi aspireThe achievement is all the more remarkable because over 10 years ago he broke his back and  has been out of work for a long time. Supported by funding from the Guinness Aspire Awards, Bodhi has been able to start a whole new career as a lorry driver. Guinness’s Aspire Awards are awarded to Guinness customers who want to develop their careers, studies, talents, or their communities.

Bodhi said: “I applied for an Aspire Award because I wanted to get back into work. I thought that driving trucks would be something that I could do. Thanks to Guinness, I have just passed my LGV tests and I feel that I have been given a whole new life. I know that driving is the right career for me and I would now like to drive trucks for the next 13 years until I retire, when hopefully I will be able to go travelling around the world.”

“At long last, after 57 years, I have a profession. I would like to work in the UK for a year to get experience, then drive in Europe. I simply wouldn’t have been able to afford this course on my own – so I am incredibly grateful to Guinness and Driveline, who trained me. Passing these tests has given me hope for a better and happier future.”

Sarah Thomas, Executive Director of Customer Services for The Guinness Partnership, and award panel member, said: “Over the last five years we have given almost 300 Guinness customers Aspire Award grants – helping them to achieve their dreams or to build better and brighter communities for everyone. The application process is really simple and last year 85% of applications received funding. We wish Bodhi every success in his new career and hope that he achieves his dream of driving all over Europe.”

Guinness customers can apply for an Aspire Award at