New rent account text service

11 May 2021

From 11 May 2021 we’re introducing a new text messaging service to help you manage your rent account.

Male hands using smart phone and laptop computer

If your account falls into arrears or you miss a payment we will notify you by text and include a link to our secure service where you can make a payment,  set up a payment plan or let us know when you’re going to pay (so we know the payment is on its way).
You will also be able to access our income and expenditure assessment, which will help you work out what is affordable to you.

If you’re struggling to pay your rent then please contact us as soon as possible. We will try and help with support and advice, and the sooner you get in touch the better.

Your financial circumstances may have changed due to COVID-19; if that is the case and you have concerns about your ability to pay your rent, please contact our Customer Accounts Team as soon as possible on 0303 123 1890.

Our text message to you will always include two pieces of personal information we hold about you. But if you’re ever unsure that the message has come from us you can log onto your account via MyGuinness to check your account and make a payment.