Our 125th year is
almost over...

21 December 2015

This year marked 125 years for The Guinness Partnership.

Guinness estate at Snowsfield, Bermondsey

As the new year approaches we’re looking back over our 125 history site, which shares the stories and memories of our staff and customers, photos through the year, videos, a map, timeline and much more.

We’ve also brought together our favourite 125 moments from social media.

The archive site has been a great success. We’ve had 30,000 views over the year, with the most popular areas of the site being the origins chapter and the gallery.

Your stories brought the site to life

The site was made especially engaging thanks to all the memories you shared with us. Thank you to all the customers and former customers who shared their stories of living at Guinness.

We won’t be saying goodbye to our website just yet

We felt the site held too many memories to take down at the end of the year so we’ll be keeping www.guinnesspartnership.com/125 live so you can come back and visit anytime.

We hope you’ve enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, looking through the story of The Guinness Partnership.