Quicker, quality repairs
services for our customers

09 January 2017

We’ve listened to your feedback and you’ve told us that a good quality, efficient repairs service is one of the things that matters most.

A maintenance worker measuring

So we’re happy to let you know that, from today, we’ll be delivering repairs services through Guinness Property and Wates Living Space to 7,000 more customers in the south and in the London area. They’ll be replacing Axis Europe.

More tradespeople, quicker repairs

Wates will be providing repairs services to 5,800 homes in and around London. They already deliver an excellent service for us in the West of England and provide high-quality repairs services to many other London organisations.

Guinness Property, our in-house repairs team, will deliver repairs to 1,200 homes from Brighton to Crawley.

Our new contractors will be employing more tradespeople, so our customers will be able to get repairs done more quickly.

You can book in a repair on the website.