Guinness resident explores loneliness and isolation through photography

19 August 2020

Since the easing of lockdown due to Covid-19, Tony Fisher a resident at one of Guinness Care’s Independent Living schemes in Derbyshire, has been able to resume taking photographs of people for his next exhibition entitled ‘Only the Lonely?’.

For the exhibition, due in Autumn 2020, he is currently taking photographs of people (ensuring social distancing) which explores loneliness, isolation and well-being, something he has battled with personally for over 40 years.

Receiving funding

Tony Fisher 'At the Boundry' news 1 article

Tony has worked as a professional photographer and filmmaker for many years, especially in the community arts sector, and funding for his forthcoming exhibition was received from the Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants.

Tony said: “I have been interested in the arts since I was at school and art college and have been taking pictures and making art all my life, it is something that gives me constant pleasure. Each picture I take means something to me. I love to capture the vibrant colours, and sometimes in monochrome, of the world around me and share them with others.”

“At a residents’ meeting earlier this year, I was really touched to be asked to put up framed photographs in the lovely community room we have for our flats once renovation is completed.”

A champion for mental health

Steve Smith, Independent Living Adviser at Guinness Care said: “Tony works tirelessly both campaigning on mental health issues and championing the good work carried out by so many people who struggle with their mental health.

“His photography skills and his eye for detail highlight the impact of mental health, loneliness and isolation but also bring joy, and his images are very thought provoking. Tony has won several awards and has exhibited in many galleries across the country. I think the man is a genius and an inspiration.”

An honourable mention

Tony has recently received an honourable mention from the 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award in the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards. Also, one of Tony’s photographs, is featured in the Lockdown Collection of Historic England and his photo ‘At the Boundry’ has been chosen to represent the East Midlands region in the Historic England Archive.

He also spends his time working for mental health charities and local hospitals such as Rethink Mental Illness and Anxiety UK, MIND, and The Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance’.


Photo by Tony Fisher
Photo by Tony Fisher