Signing of Supplemental Trust Deed

06 October 2017

As per our announcement to the Stock Exchange:

The Guinness Partnership Limited (the Issuer) issued £250 million 4.00% secured bonds due 2044 on 24th October 2014 (the Issue Date); ISIN:  XS1124319002.

The Company purchased £100 million in nominal amount of this bond issue on the Issue Date, for potential future sale (the “Retained Bonds”).  The trust deed entered into at the time of issue required that the Retained Bonds be cancelled if not sold by the Issuer within three years of the Issue Date (i.e. by 24th October 2017).

The Issuer has entered into a Supplemental Trust Deed with the Trustee which extends the date on which it must cancel any Retained Bonds to five years after the Issue Date.  The Issuer will therefore continue to hold the Retained Bonds for potential sale for a further period of up to two years.

No other terms of the trust deed have been amended by the Supplemental Trust Deed.

For more information please contact Robert Elliott, Director of Corporate Finance
Telephone: 0203 8190078