Have your say on social housing in Pennine Lancashire

02 January 2020

B-with-us is a partnership made up of five local authorities and twelve housing associations who work together to allocate social housing in the Pennine Lancashire area.

Over 9,000 people are on the B-with-us Housing Register, hoping to find a new home, but each year only approximately 2,500 people are successful because there aren’t enough homes available, and new applicants are registering every day.

bwithus2Due to homes being in such high demand, we’re working with B-with-us to make sure that available homes go to those who need them most. To help make sure this happens, B-with-us wants to get a better understanding of how people in the area feel about their options, and reviewing how they allocate available homes to ensure they can provide homes for those who need them most.

Have your say…

If you’re a social housing tenant, or looking for a social housing property in the Pennine Lancashire area, B-with-us have put together a short questionnaire for you to fill out and share your experience.

Complete the questionnaire by 24th January 2020 and you can help shape the future of social housing in your area.


If you’d like to know more about B-with-us then please visit www.b-with-us.com.