Supporting our local
communities in Waterlooville

22 January 2016

Looking to make a real difference for our communities in Waterlooville, we recently spent a day working closely with local police, environmental health officers and environmental rangers.

Staff and agencies supporting our communities in WaterloovilleFocusing on Laburnum Road and Mill Road in Waterlooville, we aimed to reduce illegal activity, ASB, fly tipping, vandalism, dog nuisance and noise complaints in the area. An animal welfare officer was also on hand to micro chip and check the wellbeing of any dogs on the estate free of charge.

The impact on the community

We’ve already noticed a big reduction in fly tipping, dog nuisance and noise-related complaints and we’re in more contact with our customers, so that we can take swift action on any illegal activity or concerning issues in the area.

Andrea Stewart, Tenancy Management and Enforcement Officer at Guinness said, “With the agencies working together, sharing information and emphasising the importance of reporting incidents we’re helping the residents in this community. And already seeing big changes.”