Supporting the Munch community food pantry

17 March 2022

We’ve recently been providing support to the Munch community food pantry in Havant – just one of eight pantries we support.

The pantry provides a sustainable way to assist local residents to ‘top up’ on nutritious food while managing a tight budget.  

Household food insecurity increased during the coronavirus pandemic, so food pantries are playing an increasingly important role across the country. Like other pantries, Munch provides a sustainable way to support local residents to ‘top up’ on nutritious food while managing a tight budget.  

Setting up the pantry 

The Pantry was originally set up in Autumn 2020. Working with Park Community School and Havant Borough Council, we helped to fund the infrastructure of the pantry, including staffing, food and set-up costs.    

Our residents, and those from the wider community, can access high-quality, heavily discounted groceries supplied by a variety of organisations including FareShare and UK Harvest. In return for a £5 payment, people can select high-quality food worth in excess of £15. Over 400 people regularly use the Pantry each month, and more than 500 people have now signed up.  

Assisting the community 

Brian Hamlin, Guinness Community Partnership Manager said: “Food pantries are a response to food poverty and provide much needed support to our residents, and those in the wider area.  We are proud to have been able to help the Munch Food Pantry deliver this essential service, especially in a time of unprecedented community need.”  

Susan Parish, Business and Community Manager at the Park Community School said: “We are extremely grateful that The Guinness Partnership had the vision and faith, along with Havant Borough Council to try something new to provide a different way to assist the community when they are in need. The Pantry has proved extremely popular, and usage continues to increase. Customers can come and use it, without any formal referral, and will receive a membership card after leaving their details.”   

Find out more 

To find out more about Much food pantry, as well as the other pantries we support, take a look at our dedicated ‘Food banks and food pantries’ webpage.