Guinness customer tackles loneliness and isolation through art

05 August 2019

Tony Fisher, a Guinness Customer and artist, has received Arts Council funding for a new project entitled ‘Well-Being’.

Tony artistTony is a photographic artist and wants to explore and research loneliness, isolation and well-being through this new work; something he has battled with personally for over 40 years.  The project will take him on a journey of reflection and self-discovery and introduce him to others who suffer loneliness and isolation too.

In 1995, Tony experienced a series of traumas and loss which led to an intensive period of depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He believes his art was what helped get him through this difficult time and helped him to cope, express himself and find ways to rebuild his life.

 “I want to do specific research on the theme of loneliness, isolation and well-being.  I am proposing to work with anyone suffering from isolation and I will produce an image to reflect this. The photograph will capture the issues and essences of what is loneliness but will also celebrate the life of the individuals.” – Tony Fisher

Tony hopes the exhibition will help highlight isolation and encourage debate. He’s looking for people from across the country to get in touch and share their stories of how isolation and loneliness have affected them so he can help share a better understanding of these issues impact people’s lives.

Where can I see the exhibition?

‘Well-Being’ will culminate in a touring exhibition and talks later this year at venues across Derby and the North East, including Artcore, Quad, Erewash Museum, City Arts, and The Arthouse in Wakefield.

How can you get involved?

If you have a story that you’d like to share and possibly be included in Tony’s exhibition, you can get in touch with him by email: You can also visit Tony’s website: