Tumble dryer
safety warnings

11 January 2018

Earlier this month, a tumble dryer in Manchester caught fire. Although no one was hurt, the fire did cause extensive damage.

Greater Manchester Fire Service officers said the fire could have been avoided if lint had been cleared from the filter.

A statement from the fire service said:

“Tumble dryers have been around for a long time, and used safely they can be a useful addition to your household.

“However, if fluff is allowed to accumulate in the filter, near blocked vents, and at the rear of your dryer you increase the risk of this fluff catching fire from the heat created by the dryer.”

What to do

To use tumble dryers safely the fire service say:

  • Remove lint from the machine after every load of clothes that you dry
  • Do not cover any vent or openings on the machine
  • Sweep or vacuum areas around the dyer to prevent fluff build up
  • Do not use while sleeping or when away from home.
  • Clean them regularly; either wiping for a wet cloth or condenser models need to have heat exchangers cleaned at least five times a year.

If you’re still concerned

Consumer website Which? have published advice to tumble dryers users online and have also compiled a list of tumble dryers recalled due to fears they pose a potential fire risk.

Those who believe they might have an affected model are recommended to stop using the dryer and to immediately contact the manufacturer.