Update on our services

12 January 2022

We continue to deliver all our services, and our staff are still working in a Covid-safe way.

However, we are facing some challenges – as are many other organisations – which mean some of our services are not being provided at the levels we want at the moment.

We are experiencing increased levels of staff absence due to the Omicron variant of coronavirus.  There also continues to be a national shortage of skilled labour and some materials needed for repairs remain hard to source.  Many of our repairs contractors are similarly affected.

We are doing everything we can to minimise disruption.  This includes trying to recruit more staff to deliver repairs.  However we expect these issues to continue for a while, and we appreciate your continued patience if things are taking longer than usual.  As always, we are prioritising emergency repairs and essential services.

If you need to contact us to report a repair, you may find it quicker and more convenient to do this using your MyGuinness account HERE.

Thank you again for your patience.

Help us carry out repairs safely

When we visit to carry out a repair, we ask that you continue to:


  • Wear a face covering when our staff are present
  • Open the windows in the rooms where our staff will be working (if you can)
  • Leave the room where we’re working if you can, or keep a distance of at least two metres.
  • Leave internal doors open, so our staff members can avoid touching anything unnecessarily

Our staff members will continue to wear a face covering and will clean areas where they are working before and after any works are completed.