Volunteer Appreciation Week

02 June 2021

Customer Liaison Officer, Kat Fell, has helped more than 100 people join the vaccination effort against COVID-19 by assessing applicants online.

kat 1It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week, an annual celebration of the contribution that millions of people across the UK make through volunteering.

Not only do our colleagues do a fantastic job of providing great homes and services to our customers but some also dedicate their personal time to volunteering to help in their communities.

Kat, a Customer Liaison Officer in the south of England, has been a member of St John Ambulance for four years and has recently been supporting the rollout of the COVID 19 vaccine. Kat has had to shield at home so hasn’t been able to support St John Ambulance out and about.  Instead she’s been supporting the effort remotely by interviewing prospective Vaccinators (those who administer the vaccinations) and Care Volunteers (those who answer questions at the vaccination centre and monitor people immediately after they receive their vaccination).

Kat recalled: “I wanted to be in the vaccination centre, but I couldn’t, so it was really frustrating. But when I saw this opportunity, I jumped at it! Before the pandemic, it gave me so much to be out in the community and meet people, so this was a great way of connecting again. I’m really grateful to Guinness for giving me the flexibility to be part of this important national effort.”

Kat’s current volunteering role is winding down now, as the national effort has reached its target now in most areas, having recruited 30,500 people. Kat is still volunteering for St John Ambulance and is looking forward to returning to events to provide First Aid cover.

How to join St John Ambulance’s volunteering team

Volunteering is a fantastic way to enhance your CV, meet new people, and learn lifesaving skills. If you’re interested in volunteering at St John Ambulance, find out more here: www.sja.org.uk/get-involved/volunteer-opportunities/