Winter is coming:
are you ready?

10 October 2016

The nights are drawing in and winter’s on its way. Now’s the perfect time to get your home ready so you and your family keep cosy during the colder months.

If you know nothing about preparing your home for winter, it’s worth checking a few things to make sure any repairs needed can be booked in before the cold snap hits.

Invest in insulationYoung woman keeping warm by radiator

Making sure your home is properly insulated can help prevent heat from escaping. Check  any existing loft insulation, or think about getting it installed, to stay warm and save on heating bills.
Quick and simple measures can also help keep the heat in. Using thicker curtains and keeping them drawn will trap heat in a room, while adding rugs and keeping internal doors closed will keep you cosy.

Block up those draughts

Blocking draughts is a cheap and effective way to keep your home warm. Gaps in doors and windows let in cold air, so your thermostats are turned up higher and heating is kept on for longer. Draught proofing reduces your energy bills and stops chilly air making your home cold.
Try draught excluders under doors and draught proof strips around door and window frames to block out the cold.

Make the most of your radiators

If your radiators are blocked by furniture, try rearranging the room layout for winter. Placing sofas and chairs next to a radiator may seem like a good way to stay warm, but can actually prevent the heat from circulating through the room. Moving furniture away from radiators – even by a couple of inches – will help warm air move around the room.

Test your radiators and storage heaters

It might not seem cold enough just yet to turn on your heating, but it’s worth trying it now just in case there’s a problem – you can get it sorted out before you really need it. Turn your thermostat on and check each of your radiators/heaters to make sure they’re starting to warm up. If you think there’s an issue, give us a call to arrange a heating check.