A work placement week

08 October 2019

A work placement can provide a valuable opportunity to help people choose a rewarding career, as well as providing real experience. To help those who are looking to start their career, we offered a number of work placements this summer to Guinness customers that were considering a job in an industry we’re involved in.

David2Some of the companies we work with were also generous enough to offer placement opportunities for our customers, and so we were also able to offer placements at Savills, the global real estate adviser, as well as the award-winning architects, Pitman Tozer.

David joined Savills for a week to learn more about the work they do in Facilities Management, which he hoped would give him some real experience while completing his Masters in Business Management.

David, what attracted you to facilities management?

Facilities Management is interesting to me because I’m seeking a challenge which this role consists of. I enjoy taking on responsibilities and I understand the importance of ensuring services meets client’s needs and anyone that will be using them.

What have you enjoyed most about this week?

I enjoyed experiencing the dynamics of how Facilities Management operates and discovering how each department works together under an umbrella.

What has this placement taught you about working in facilities management?

This placement has taught me the ways Facilities Management is structured, and that communication is key for each processes.

Would you recommend others to try a work placement?

I would definitely recommend others to try this placement. It was a good experience and a great way to kick off a career.