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Customer Liaison Officer

Care services

Joined: 2014

Having excellent employee benefits allows me to balance having a rewarding career with being a mum. 

Guinness is one of the biggest social housing providers in the UK and with that comes many opportunities to branch out and progress. The benefits are excellent too. I’m a mum to two-year-old, Lily, and the employee benefits here really help me to balance having a rewarding career with being a parent. On top of a competitive salary, there’s a great healthcare package, a good holiday entitlement and even a childcare allowance for pre-school children. I don’t know of any other organisation that matches that.

It’s a fast-paced environment to work in but for me, that’s one of the best bits. I split my time between working in the office and out across the North East Derbyshire and Dales District. Every day is different and I love the variety. I’m responsible for managing around 350 properties and tenancies and I take on a wide range of tasks – from rent arrears to estate management and sustainability. I’ve been able to develop the strategic and managerial elements of the role whilst staying ‘hands-on’.

If I had to sum up what it’s like to work at Guinness in three words, they’d be: vibrant, professional and rewarding. There’s a great team ethos and support is only ever a phone call away. It’s also hugely satisfying to be part of an organisation whose culture and ambitions reflect its customers. While housing opportunities are being reduced in other companies, Guinness is growing successfully.

Quick questions


What attracted you to Guinness?

The company's values and position within the social housing sector, coupled with great staff benefits, which include a childcare allowance for preschool children.


What career opportunities are there?

You're always encouraged to keep developing your skills and there are opportunities to branch out and progress into more senior roles.


What is the best part of your job?

Every day is different and helping people is hugely rewarding. I've also been able to keep the 'hands-on' part of my role whilst developing some strategic and management responsibilities.