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Joined: 2015

Managers are really supportive of your career goals and always help you work your way to achieving them. 

Guinness probably has a better culture than anywhere I’ve worked before, I think it helps that we all share the same values and beliefs. Senior management and the Executive Team have a really positive attitude to making things better and supporting us, making our time in work positive. It’s great to know you’re part of an organisation that always puts the customer first and we’re always changing to make sure we’re delivering the best service possible.

I’ve had so many career opportunities in the three years I’ve been here. I first joined Guinness in 2015 and have been successful in moving on to three different positions. Managers are really supportive of your career goals and always help you work your way to achieving them.

My managers throughout my career here have always been so supportive by giving me development targets and opportunities to complete tasks outside of my role to help my development. I’ve attended numerous training courses from social media writing, recruitment, dementia training, and a manager’s course.

The best part of my job is making a difference and seeing through the changes. Whether that be to a customer in putting things right, or changing the way we do things that will benefit our customers and colleagues.

Guinness is definitely not just a ‘business’. It’s more like a community where you can really get involved in making a difference.

Quick questions


Describe what it is like to work for Guinness in three words.

Challenging. Rewarding. Fun.


Name one thing about Guinness that you know now that you didn’t before you joined.

Customers really are the heart of Guinness and ultimately we always do what’s best for them.


What is the social life like?

Vibrant, especially in the Customer Service Centre there is always a meal or night out planned

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