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Repairs Hub Team Leader

Maintenance & Asset Management

Joined: 2005

I love the people I work with at Guinness and I’ve made lots of lifelong friends. 

I started with Guinness as an office assistant eleven years ago. I was studying part time and I got the interview through the college. Since I joined Guinness I’ve progressed so much. I’m delighted that I’ve recently been promoted to a team leader in the Repairs Hub.

The Repairs Hub is fast paced but we have a fantastic working environment. It’s challenging at times but highly rewarding and I enjoy my role. We all get on so well and you can feel the support throughout the team.

I work for Guinness Property, but I’m encouraged to get involved in different things right across the organisation and work with colleagues to share and expand my skills. The development opportunities I’ve had throughout my career are fantastic.

My managers were instrumental in my progression and I’ve met and worked with some amazing people; they’re very motivated and caring. I’d definitely recommend Guinness as a place to work because of its constant growth as a business and the development opportunities.

Quick questions


What is the best part of your job?

The best part is not only my team, but also the other teams I work with. Guinness has some of the most caring and hard-working people I know and I’m proud to be a part of it.


Name one thing about Guinness that you know now that you didn’t before you joined.

How big the organisation was and how much it would grow in my time working here.


Describe what it is like to work for Guinness in three words.

Diverse, rewarding, supportive