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Maintenance & Asset Management

Joined: 2005

Working for Guinness has given me the chance to develop my role with as much help as I need. 

What I like about working for The Guinness Partnership is the professional work ethic that runs through the organisation, and the way that my work is structured. There’s a real emphasis on customer satisfaction, but the health and safety of its employees is equally important. As an electrician, that’s something that matters a lot to me.

During my time here at Guinness, I’ve taken a number of electrical amendment courses, as well as training in first aid, manual lifting and asbestos awareness. On top of the professional support you get, there are also great social events organised throughout the year – from bowling to go-karting and quiz nights.

I was initially attracted to the organisation because of the salary and benefits. The pay is competitive and you get a good annual leave allowance, a medical package, a van, tools, uniform and a mobile. The work itself is diverse and interesting too and I get to meet people from all walks of life. Working here has given me the chance to develop my role with as much help as I need, and I’m hoping to progress even further with my career at Guinness.

Quick questions


What is the best part of your job?

I enjoy the responsibility of taking on a number of jobs, and meeting all different types of people.


Name one thing about Guinness that you know now, but didn't before you joined.

I wasn't aware of the scale of Guinness. They own and manage 60,000 homes nationwide.


Describe in three words what it is like to work for Guinness.

It's diverse, satisfying and interesting.