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Estate Services Officer

Housing & Customer services

Joined: 2013

Every employee is different, but Guinness is a place where we can all feel at home. 

After studying housing management, I was looking for a job in housing and Guinness was my first choice. Working for Guinness is one of the best things. The support of my managers at each stage of my career has made me feel so valued.

I’m never bored. Every day I’m in different places, speaking with different people and solving different problems. It’s the variety that I enjoy the most. The training and career opportunities are great!

A year ago, Guinness funded my RHS level three course in horticulture and landscaping, and I have recently applied for a managerial role.

Quick questions


Name one thing about Guinness that you know now that you didn’t before you joined.

I didn’t know Guinness Trust was founded in 1897 – we have some great traditions.


What is the best part of your job?

The opportunity to work on so many different projects at the same time. It gives me energy and motivation!


Why should someone join Guinness?

Because the opportunities for growth here are unlimited.