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Planned Delivery Surveyor

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Joined: 2013

The social side of my role as a surveyor is fantastic. I'm always meeting new people, including contractors, consultants and engineers. It creates a brilliant business network as well as life-long friends. 

I started with Guinness as a trainee planned delivery surveyor.

I absolutely love my job. It’s challenging, every day is different and I like that my expertise make me a valuable member of the team. Everyone has a sense of humour and is willing to support you when you need help. Surveyors have to be great communicators so your personality has to fit the job role.

To support my development, Guinness has helped me with flexible working hours, so I could complete my BTEC in the built environment and construction with training one day a week. I completed this course with a double grade distinction and I’m now studying the HNC in construction. Guinness has provided me with so much experience and advice, which really helped with my studies. They’ve been so supportive – it really shows that Guinness want the best out of their staff.

I was recently awarded Guinness’s ‘Apprentice of the Year 2015’, which was the most overwhelming experience I’ve had in my career. It was really nice to be recognised and rewarded for all of my hard work here at Guinness. It made me feel very proud of the company I work for.

I’ve recently been appointed as Planned Delivery Surveyor following my traineeship at Guinness and I’m really looking forward to my future here

Quick questions


What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is travelling around researching information about our properties in order to provide the correct technical advice. I’m constantly learning new things and meeting new people.


Name one thing about Guinness that you know now that you didn’t before you joined.

That Sir Edward Guinness started up The Guinness Trust in 1890 to help provide homes for people that need them most. I’m glad we’re still providing this today.


Describe what it is like to work for Guinness in three words.

Different, challenging and encouraging