Purpose and lawful basis

A key part of your tenancy agreement with us is the necessity for you to pay rent and for us to warn you as to when you fall into arrears or are about to. This information allows us to support you in ensuring that your rent account is kept up to date and you are able to sustain your tenancy with us.

The lawful basis we rely on to manage your rent account is covered in article 6 (1) (b) of the UK GDPR, as it is necessary in your contract with us.

Why we need to use it?

If you don’t keep up payments on your property you could fall into arrears and this could end up in a County Court Judgement or we may request to take back possession of it.

This is an action that we do not want to do so we need to keep track of your payments, balance and ensure that you can keep on top of the rent that needs to be paid.

If you are overpaying on your rent or have a high credit balance, we will also look to get in contact with you.

How long we keep it?

We will keep records of rent payments, payment plans and arrears actions for a period of 6 years once you are no longer a Guinness customer.

Your Rights

You have the right to access your personal data held in your application file by us. (Access)

You also have the right to have inaccurate data corrected and incomplete data completed. (Rectification)

You have the right to request us to pause the use of your data only if you have contested the accuracy whilst we verify your application or to stop it’s deletion in the case of a legal claim. (Restriction)

You have the right to receive, or have transferred to another organisation, information you have provided to us in a re-usable electronic format. (Data Portability)

Who we share the information with?

We use a number of third parties to help us manage your rent account.

Esendex will provide notifications via text message and/or email of arrears, take financial assessments and enable you to pay your rent or set up a payment arrangement online.

If we need to make a claim for possession of your property we will need to provide your details to HM Courts and Tribunals Service.

We will share your information with Allpay, in order to process your Direct Debits.

If there is account debt, we will use the information with Experian to trace the account holder.

International Transfers

None of your information will be transferred outside of the UK for this purpose.