Purpose and lawful basis

We are responsible for maintaining the standard of your home and to carry out repairs to your property as and when required.

The lawful basis we rely on is Article 6 (1) (b) of the General Data Protection Regulations as it is necessary for the performance of your contract with us.

If relevant we will need to process some health information or other sensitive data in order to meet your needs and ensure that there are no unacceptable risks posed to yourself or anyone else by attending or carrying out the repair.

The lawful basis we rely on Article 9 (2) (b) of the General Data Protection Regulations and Schedule 2 Part 1 (1) of the Data Protection Act 2018 (Employment Law – Health and Safety).

What we need?

In order to carry out relevant works we will be required to process your name, address, telephone number and any relevant health and safety, welfare or vital information that is required to attend and carry out the works in a safe manner.

Why we need to use it?

If we do not have to use your personal data, we won’t be able to carry out repairs to your home and this would mean that your property could fall into a state of disrepair and contribute to poor living conditions for you.

We also have a responsibility to maintain decent homes.

How long we keep it?

Repairs are kept on your customer record as we have a duty to be able to show evidence that works have been carried out on your property.

They will be maintained on your customer record for a period of 6 years from when you are no longer a Guinness customer.

Your Rights

You have the right to access your personal data held in your application file by us. (Access)

You also have the right to have inaccurate data corrected and incomplete data completed. (Rectification)

You have the right to request us to pause the use of your data only if you have contested the accuracy whilst we verify your application or to stop its deletion in the case of a legal claim. (Restriction)

You have the right to receive, or have transferred to another organisation, information you have provided to us in a re-usable electronic format. (Data Portability).

Who we share the information with?

In order to carry out repairs to your property we utilise a number of specialist contractors.

Your personal details will be required to be passed to the relevant contractors so that they can attend your property and keep you updated on the progress.

International transfers

None of your information will be transferred outside of the UK for this purpose.