Report a neighbourhood issue

Something not quite right in your neighbourhood? Find out who’s responsible and report any problems that we need to know about.

Do you want to report anti-social behaviour?

If you’re having problems with your neighbours and want to report antisocial behaviour, please do NOT use this form. You’ll need to do that using our ‘Report anti-social behaviour’ form

Who’s responsible?

Not sure who looks after what on your estate? Find out about the most common issues below.

Abandoned vehicles

Please contact us if you spot an abandoned vehicle on your estate. Depending on whose land it’s been left on, we’ll work with the council to remove it, or remove it ourselves if it’s on our land.

You can also use your MyGuinness account to report this issue to us online.


You’re responsible for putting your rubbish in the communal bins or leaving it outside your home on bin collection day. You can find your bin collection day on the website.


We need to keep communal areas clear, so that fire exits aren’t blocked and everyone stays safe.

Please don’t store any personal items – including doormats, plants, shoes, bicycles, shelves, storage boxes, mobility scooters and electric scooters – in the corridors. These are a fire hazard, and we’ll remove them from communal areas.

Fly-tipping and bulk waste

You’re responsible for getting rid of large waste items. The council will take these away, but will usually charge for this. You can find out how to arrange this here.

If you spot fly-tipping in your neighbourhood, you should report it to your local council.

It’s not our responsibility to remove bulk waste, and if we do, we may recharge the individual for the cost of removal or where this isn’t possible, the charge may be added to the service charge for that estate.

Roads and pavements

We’ll fix problems with roads or pavements on our land. Just let us know what and where the problem is using the form below.

If it’s not on Guinness land, you should report it to your local council.

Parking on the street

We can’t guarantee you a parking space unless you’ve been allocated one. Find out how you can apply for a parking permit.

You can also use your MyGuinness account to apply for a parking permit online.

If you have a parking problem on your street, try having a friendly word with the driver first. They might not realise their vehicle is causing issues or know about specific parking arrangements.

If that doesn’t work:

  • contact your local council if it’s parked on a public verge or road and is breaking local parking regulations.
  • contact the police if it’s dangerously parked and needs to be removed immediately
  • contact us if it’s in one of our car parks or parking spaces. We’ll contact your neighbour and ask them to move it.


If a street light has gone out, we’ll need to know if it’s on our land or someone else’s.

Get in touch to let us know where it is and we’ll let you know if we need to send someone out to fix it (if it’s on our land). If it’s not on our land, you should report it to your local council.

Trees and hedges

You’re responsible for keeping trees and hedges around your property neat and tidy. If we have to prune a tree that is your responsibility to maintain, you may be recharged for the cost of this service. If you think a tree needs some attention in a common area, like a communal garden, let us know. If it’s not on Guinness land, please contact your local council.

Report neighbourhood issues