Opportunities for young people

Sheffield Foyer supports around 60 young people each year, who would have otherwise been homeless. We not only provide a roof over their heads, and somewhere to call home, but we work closely with our residents to guide them onto the path of independence.

Sam MobbsIn response to the recent National Housing Federation Housing in People Report, Samantha Mobbs, Foyer Manager, shares how we can help young people move into settled futures.

“8 million people in England have a housing need. We have to ensure we offer a quality service for our young generation who find themselves without a home. At the Foyer, we do this by encouraging them to follow their career, training and education ambitions so that they are equipped with the knowledge they need to live independently within the community.

“Our residents living at the Sheffield Foyer have varied backgrounds so it’s not a one size fits all, we need a wide range of opportunities to satisfy everyone’s needs and ambitions.  Some residents have English as a second language, some have learning disabilities, some have been to university or are ready to take that step – but what binds them all, is the fact that they have suffered a period of homelessness and often abuse.

“Our residents are offered a Work Support Programme which assists with purchasing ID, setting up bank accounts, getting work ready as well as a financial package whilst they wait for their first wage slip. And our Employment and Training Support Worker provides dedicated guidance to organise work taster sessions and educational programmes. A lot of this requires working in partnership with mentoring services and businesses who are able to give our young people their first taste of the working world.”

Although we can’t change our residents’ past, we can offer them a brighter future – providing we all work together to give young people the opportunities they need.

To enquire about the Sheffield Foyer please email samantha.mobbs@guinness.org.uk.