Guinness 100 Club

Turning 100 is something to celebrate. So we like to spoil our customers reaching this milestone birthday, and invite them to join the Guinness 100 Club.

Two Guinness Care and Support customers celebrating

Why join the club?

If you’ve got a 100th birthday coming up, you’ll get:

  • a personalised birthday card – signed by our Chair of the Board
  • a certificate
  • £100 towards the cost of a party and gift.

If you’ve already celebrated your 100th birthday, you’ll get a certificate and membership to the club.

Who can apply?

Any Guinness customer who is about to turn, or who is already, 100.

Family members, friends and staff can also apply on behalf of customers.

How you can join

Whether you’re already 100 or about to celebrate your 100th birthday -registering to join the club is easy. Just complete the form below.

Celebrating the big day

We would love to hear how you’re celebrating your 100th birthday!

If you have any great stories or pictures please share them with us on Twitter using @yourguinness or send them to

100 Club form