Responding to your feedback

Your feedback shapes what we do at Guinness – the services we provide, the contractors we work with in your home, and the way we communicate with you. We listen to your ideas and concerns, and we involve you in decisions we make that affect services. Here is some of the work we’ve done with you and how feedback has shaped our services for everyone.

Customer Welcome Pack

To help you settle into your home, and as an easy source of reference for the future, we now provide all new residents with a printed welcome pack which includes lots of the key information you need. It’s also available to all residents on this website.

What we did

Thank you to residents who joined us at our online focus group to tell us what information you need when moving into a Guinness home. Their suggestions are reflected in the content of our welcome pack.

The focus group also looked at a range of different designs and told us what they liked and disliked, and commented on proposed designs for our welcome pack.

Gas Servicing Tender

To make sure our gas servicing contractors work in a way that reflects what’s important to you, we involved residents in selecting our gas servicing and heating and hot water contractor.

What we did

Thank you to the two resident panels who took part in the process to select our gas contractors.  The first panel fed back on the specification for the tender – what we were asking contractors to do as part of the service. The second panel evaluated and scored the proposals that contractors submitted to Guinness.

The residents panels’ comments have shaped the new service and the panels’ scores were reflected in the contract award.


If we get something wrong, we want it to be easy for you to let us know, and make a formal complaint if you want to.  Part of this is about having a complaints policy which is clear and accessible.

What we did

Thank you to residents who took part in our focus groups and shared their experience of the way we deal with complaints, and their thoughts on how our complaints policy could be improved so it’s easier to use.

We’ve updated our complaints policy to reflect their comments. We’ve also included feedback from a review commissioned by our Tenant Scrutiny Panel. And we’ve carried out an assessment to ensure our complaints policy is compliant with the Housing Ombudsman’s Code of Complaints Handling.

We carry out regular surveys to check whether residents are satisfied with our handling of their complaint.



It’s important that you know what compensation you’re entitled to when something has gone wrong and we’re at fault.

What we did

Thank you to residents who took part in our online survey consultation about our compensation policy in November 2021.

They told us that we needed to be clearer about what happens if personal belongings have been damaged. They also told us that they would like to see examples of the different types of compensation available and how long it should take to receive compensation. They also wanted to make sure our approach worked for residents who need specific support, particularly residents with disabilities who may be affected differently.

We have made changes to the policy as a result of the consultation.