Responding to your feedback

Your feedback shapes what we do at Guinness – the services we provide, the contractors we work with in your home, and the way we communicate with you. We listen to your ideas and concerns, and we involve you in decisions we make that affect services. Here is some of the work we’ve done with you and how feedback has shaped our services for everyone.

Homeowner Handbook

We’ve developed a handbook with all the key information new homeowners might need which will be sent to all new buyers and existing homeowners where necessary.

The handbook covers:

  • Rights and responsibilities as a homeowner
  • Our landlord responsibilities
  • An explanation of our services and fees
  • Other key information such as how to contact us

What we did

We asked a panel of residents to review the draft handbook. They provided feedback on the content and length of the handbook, as well as the tone, look and feel.

  1. They were happy with the information included and length of the handbook, and thought the tone was helpful and friendly. They agreed it was easy to understand without jargon etc and very useful to explain things they weren’t aware of as a first-time buyer.
  2. They agreed it was difficult to read the PDF in booklet format, so we amended the PDF to be a single page format to make it easier to read.
  3. They liked the look and feel, and thought it was organised and presented well.
  4. They wanted more links to the website included and commented on how they would likely use the handbook as a point of reference and wanted more information provided on the website, so we added links to each section where applicable.
  5. They wanted to receive the handbook early in the sales process so this has been considered when identifying when we will issue the handbook to buyers.

You can view the handbook here.

Resident Consultation Policy

We value resident feedback and so it was important for us to obtain your views when we reviewed our Resident Consultation policy.

What we did

You asked us to make the policy easier for residents to understand, provide an example of when we would consult, and be clearer about how we would ensure that disabled residents were included in consultation exercises.

We updated the policy taking resident views into account. This includes providing an example of when we would consult and included more information about being inclusive. We also carried out a plain English review of the policy to make it easier to understand.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the focus groups and shared their experience of the way Guinness consults them and the improvements they would like Guinness to make.

Parking & Garages Policy

We consulted residents about what our approach to parking and garages on our estates should be. You told us that many of our estates’ parking areas are not being correctly used.  You also told us that you were in favour of local solutions being found to the problems faced.

What we did

We developed a policy that states we will consult residents locally whenever you tell us there are parking issues on your estate parking area. This consultation will include the option of using a parking management company to enforce parking rules. This is currently available at no cost, but the parking management company may charge in the future. The cost would be passed on to residents of the estate who use the parking. We may also have other options available, depending on the type of parking arrangements currently in place and the local issues being faced.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation exercise. Your views have helped us to shape our approach to managing parking and garages.

Estate and Neighbourhood Management Policy

We aim to ensure that our estates and neighbourhoods are safe, secure, and pleasant places in which to live. Our approach is set out in our Estate and Neighbourhood Management Policy. We engaged with and consulted residents when we reviewed the policy.

What we did

You told us that there were certain things which were important to you, all of which have been reflected in the policy which was approved in December 2022, including:

  • Keeping communal areas safe, clean, secure and well maintained
  • Being clear about what you can expect from us
  • Ensuring that we communicate with you effectively and keep you informed about the things that matter, including on our performance, locally
  • Working in partnership with other agencies and landlords to address issues that impact the neighbourhood and wider community.

The policy also includes greater clarity on your responsibilities as well as Guinness’s in relation to your home, communal areas and the wider neighbourhood – something you were keen for us to cover

Thank you to everyone who took part in the focus groups and responded to the consultation survey.