The Building Safety Customer Panel

Would you like to be part of our Building Safety Customer Panel?

We’re setting up a new panel for residents and leaseholders who live in our taller buildings. The panel will be responsible for reviewing and developing our building safety strategy, services and making recommendations to Guinness’s Building Safety Team.

The Panel will meet regularly to decide a topic area to review and discuss each quarter.


What is the Building Safety Customer Panel?

The Building Safety Customer Panel is a new body we are setting up comprising of taller buildings tenants from across Guinness.  Residents, or family members who have lived in a Guinness home for more than 12 months, are eligible to apply.

The Panel will help with the continuous improvement and design of our services and make recommendations to the Building Safety Team.  The team will respond to any recommendation and will put plans in place to address issues raised by the Panel.  In this way the Panel will have real influence in how Guinness provides services to its residents.

Which buildings will be included?

Residents who live in the buildings listed below will be eligible to apply for the Building Safety Customer Panel:

  • Central Manchester: 15 Piccadilly, India House, Cooper House
  • Salford:  Adelphi Court, Delaney Heights
  • Sheffield: Castle Court
  • Didsbury: Highfield
  • Stockport: Houldsworth Hill
  • Crewe: Waverley Court
  • Bow: Suttons Wharf
  • Aldgate East: Guinness Court, Mansell St
  • Pimlico: Holbein House
  • Islington: Percival Street
  • Brixton: Loughborough Park
  • Guinness Square: Pages Walk
  • Langstone House: Havant
  • Solant House: Havant
  • Chichester House: Havant

How much time do members need to give?

The Panel will meet for a few hours roughly once every three months and meetings will be held virtually via Zoom or Teams. We are asking the views of those who apply on what time of day would be most convenient for Panel members.  There may be the occasional additional meetings, or you may be asked to give us your views outside of the meeting.

Why should I get involved?

  • Your involvement will ensure we focus on what is important to our residents in taller buildings, and where we should focus improvement activity. You will be a voice for our residents and hold us to account as your landlord.
  • An induction and other support and training will be provided.

To thank you for your time, we will provide you with Amazon vouchers each time you attend a meeting.

What qualities and skills do I need?

You must be a Guinness resident or a family member who has lived in a Guinness home for at least 12 months. We are looking for people who will:
Help Guinness improve Work with others Be a critical friend
  • Are passionate about making sure we provide a great service and achieve our objectives
  • Able to attend Panel meetings and take an active part in discussion
  • Able to weigh up issues and make fair judgements
  • Respect others’ views and keep to the Panel’s terms of reference
  • Work as part of a team and share skills with others
  • Work in partnership with Guinness, with staff and other residents
  • Have good listening skills.
  • Challenge performance or service issues in a constructive manner
  • Able to use your experience as a resident, give your views, and help Guinness to provide good service

For further details, take a look at the Role Profile and Terms of Reference for the Building Safety Customer Panel.

To apply, please click here to complete the form by Friday 26 August 2022.

For any further questions please email