We've funded Centre4 in North East Lincolnshire to help customers in Grimsby with everyday digital challenges.

Centre4_smlCentre4 provide practical help such as learning how to make the best use of your phone, tablet or laptop, as well as other digital services. They also help make it easier to connect with friends and family on social media.

They can help with internet searches, setting up online accounts, filling in forms, price comparison or give on advice for anyone just wanting to learn more about making the most of the internet.

As a service they understand technology can be new to some people and are happy to start the journey with you to becoming familiar with it all.  There is also the possibility of a free tablet loaning scheme and learning how to use the tablet to its potential.

For more information please contact Mike Waites, Digital Activities Coordinator at Centre4 on 01472 236688

You can also take a look at their website here: https://www.centre4.org.uk/