Havant Employment Programme – Havant

We're working with Havant Employment Programme to help support unemployed adults (18+) into suitable learning, training or employment opportunities.

How does it work?

Havant Employment Programme is a free service for over 18’s who are not in education, employment and training. It enables them to access and be given one-to-one support by a dedicated key worker. The key worker will help and support customers to overcome any barriers to education, employment and training, with the overall aim to help them to progress into a positive destination.

Once signed up, customers will be allocated a key worker who will work with them to find meaningful employment opportunities.

Who’s providing the support?

The Havant Employment Programme (HEP), has received the funding from the Solent Supporting Employment (SSE) Programme. The SSE programme is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), local authority match funding and donors from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation (HIWCF), through which the programme is managed.

They aim to support people –

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Help identify necessary training opportunities to either retrain or to learn new skills
  • Identify volunteering or work placement opportunities
  • Support with becoming self-employed

How do I apply?

Complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

For more information call 07734 958496 or email bbo.rcs@gmail.com

    Not working at all and in receipt of Universal Credit, Job Seekers Allowance, etc.

  • - A full time student, retired, disabled, a full-time carer

    - In receipt of Employment Support Allowance (ESA), Incapacity Benefit (IB) or Income Support (IS) and not working

    - Universal Credit claimant who is placed in the Work Preparation Requirements or Work Focused Interview Requirements conditionality groups

    - On Full-time parental leave or not in receipt of benefits

    - Distant from the labour market and need additional support, skills and confidence to enable them to move towards employment